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Welcome to EMH’s website and the current release of “Black Cat” 2016!

January, 2019

The 2016 EMH Black Cat Cabernet is our 17th vintage, continuing the line of wine produced from single-vineyard fruit grown on EMH’s property. Budbreak occurred around March 12, with an exceptionally even budbreak pattern. Intense winter rains created a cover crop that measured 5 feet tall!
April was marked by rain every few days, which kept the frost at bay. Only four frost alarm nights were recorded in my area, which is positive in two ways: you get to sleep without hearing the artillery overhead of neighboring wind machines, and also knowing that without those frost alarms, you know that your crop is safe. Early May brought cool weather and some days of rain, which always brings the threat of poor set. Mid-summer was hot, with the first sign of veraison around July 10. The canopy protected the clusters from sunburn, and we decided to pick on September 3rd. On the early side for EMH, but not unusual.

The result of this work and worry (and excitement, otherwise, why do this?) was 6 barrels of Black Cat Cabernet. The flavors and color are what you would expect from this vineyard.
Thirty-five cases were bottled under the Special Selection label, and the remaining 110 cases were bottled under our regular Black Cat label, the wine we have been producing since the 2000 vintage. The first Special Selection was bottled from the 2009 vintage as our 10th Anniversary bottling, and is probably the highest sought after EMH wine produced.

Detailed notes on the two 2016 wines may be found under the “Wine” heading on this website.

Our tiny operation produces wine exclusively from Cabernet grapes grown on our less-than-an-acre vineyard, with no additions of purchased fruit. What is in the bottle directly represents what is grown in our vineyard. Most people who taste more than one vintage of EMH’s Black Cat are impressed with the consistency of quality and character emerging from each vintage we produce. We hope you enjoy the 2016s, and that you discover for yourself what makes Black Cat so special.

So welcome, or welcome back! We look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy and cheers!
Merrill Lindquist, Grower/Owner, EMH Vineyards
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